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Fap Queen is a JOI software that... uhh... you can play by yourself, with yourself. If you know what JOI means, you already know how it plays, if you don't, make sure to check out the video :D

I mostly created it for my own fun. I am curious if there is a market for such games. 

The game is free, but to cover my costs, I launched a Patreon page. If you like the game, please consider supporting me! If enough money is collected, I can add more content and stuff.


1.4 patch notes:

Yasmine, High Empress is visiting the Queen, and wants to see you *wink wink*

Also there is a setup screen at the start of the game, you can turn off punishments completely, and you can separately set the volume of the moans and the metronome.

1.37 patch notes:

New ending scene for the Queen (best/hardest ending). Some felt it wasn't rewarding enough, so here it comes :D It is not censored in the game.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, Anime, Hentai, joi, Porn, sex, xxx
Average sessionA few minutes


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I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making it. I hope life is treating you well, that you are doing well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy. P.S. This is a video game right?


Suggestion: replace the "i came" button with "i'm about to cum" and have each mistress make you cum in a different way, with a ruined orgasm for example, or by extremely slow strokes or whatever.


can you please make a version so we can play it on mac


Can you put this game on Android please 


Just letting you know that I read every post here, and I'll try to implement most of these ideas and suggestions to Fap Queen 2. 


Tried it and loved it !

I support previous comments about ruined orgasms, more variety... 

I'd also say maybe more "customization" in the launch settings ? If you don't know it, maybe something in the likes of https://fapinstructor.com/ ?

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1-make the controller vibrate at the same rythm as the metronome  

2-add the option to replace the deny with a ruined orgasm whenever that would occur (by asking too often to cum for example)  

3- a cum countdown instead of "you have x minutes to cum", and you have 2-3 attempts where if you fail you get denied/ruined orgasm (unlimited countdowns but you have to ruin it at the end)


First of all, really amazing game concept. I've already have some good times with it and paid for the supporter DLC as a thank you.

Some feedback:

The metronome doesn't move to the center position when it disappears, instead it disappears before it hits the center which feels kind of off. Some beats feel a bit unnatural too, maybe they should appear sooner so that you have more time to prepare?

I love how the hosts speak and would love to see more stuff happening. I look forward to more characters, interactions and different kinks, maybe selectable ones so you can plan your session more.

Hardest ending? Ez pz first try

You can add an option to make Veronica appear more often? because i am into that kinda of stuff

Haha, just ask for mercy a couple of times :D


I like what I see and I have some feedback/suggestions after one "playthrough"

1. Add more rhythms, shake it up a little, I noticed the small amount pretty early on

2. Add an option to disable Veronica. I'm just not into that kinda stuff, personally

3. Even on faster speed I never ended up edging at any of those sections because I just could not get there, perhaps speed up the faster setting or add an even faster setting

4. I get that there's a CG for letting you cum but there's not really much to look at during the meat of the experience. Perhaps making the queen flash something or do a sexy pose every now and then to get you going would be nice. Perhaps in the future we could choose from multiple queens/succubi and/or change their outfits

5. More sounds would be nice, also an option to seperately change the volume of the fap beats and the moans

I see a lot of potential in this as a JOI guy

add the game to nutaku its a popular hentai game site

As a "fan" of stuff like cock hero, fap hero and the like this is awesome to see and play! Though I don't really like the more extreme stuff like slapping my downstairs area I do like the nippleplay aspects, maybe you could make it a choice to pick certain types of punishment and variations and such. Because I think the punishment adds greatly to the game as a whole but I don't wanna actually hurt myself lol.

Also maybe an idea would be to make a discord server if you'd like. Would be easier to have  a dialogue and chatting about it. But that's just an idea. Love to see what the future holds for this game!


Really hoping this can come to android! It's harder than you think to set up a desktop PC in bed xD

The game is fun. I've always been interested in edging/denial but I never had a way to commit to it until now.  The mechanics work well and the balancing act between the two characters is great. I'd really enjoy a hard mode down the line. You'd be pushed to your limits faster and punished even harder.

Thanks! If you are interested in this, just check out milovana-s web teases, a lot of great stuff.

It would be a really nice to have a way to say that you came accidentally. Usually, with JOI things, I find myself trying to edge but just ending up cumming way too early.

Done :D Actually it was done in the 1.3 patch, but I forgot to reply.

Oh so the spike at the downloads meant that yesterday's update was broken (since it was accidentally the Steam version :D)  and people DL-ed other versions and such :D Sorry! I think I fixed it.


Good one! You can say it's a sort of rhythm game, but I think this could be the starting point of a whole new genre, haha.

My thoughts on the game: The core mechanic been done great. It's simple, solid, straight to the point and serve the purpose very well. As a software it's a good “Instruction program”, but from a video game perspective, the game play part feels a little bit weak. 

I think adding some gaming elements could make it much better. Such as leveling, perks, unlocks, etc. Even just a visible progression bar could help to make player feel every stroke have some feedback just like normal inputs in other type of games. 

But that's just my personal opinion.

As the first of its own genre this game stands on a great starting point and has great potential, hope it could keep growing.


Hey, thanks for the feedback! I definitely like the perks/levels idea, but I won't change this game a lot, as it is more of a "proof of concept" game. I'll add a new character soon though :D Also I hide some information from the player on purpose, just to keep him guessing and such. Thanks again!

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I see quite a lot of downloads, but not much comments :D If you are uncomfortable to leave a comment here,  there is a reddit for the game:


or you can send a mail directly to me with your comment (yaluar01 at gmail dot com). Is it easy/hard, did you encounter any bugs, ideas to improve, etc.